Guidelines for Administration of UNOPA Fund #CD 2484

UNOPA members are encouraged to achieve recognition through the PSP program. This is a certification program for educational office professionals at the University of Nebraska.

  • Established by UNOPA Executive Board, 1981-1982
  • Approved by membership January 1982
  • Revised, September 1982
  • Revised, February 1984
  • Revised, August 1985
  • Revised, May 1991
  • Revised, October 2002

See files for copies of Revisions made.

History of Funds

Through the efforts of the University of Nebraska Foundation, the Nebraska Campaign of 1979, and the Faculty/Staff Campaign of 1980, the University of Nebraska Office Personnel Association (UNOPA) has the responsibility for the administration of this fund. The expenditure of this fund is to our discretion the only stipulation being the "expenditure of the fund benefit the professional growth of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Office Personnel and the University as a whole."

The 1990-91 UNOPA Executive Board, in order to simplify the administration of this fund, combined two accounts (#CD 2344, UNL Office and Service Staff Development and UNOPA Fund #CD 2484) to establish one account, UNOPA Fund #CD 2484. The Executive Board reserved the right, in the future, to establish a money market account to assist with the growth of this fund. A copy of the recommendations used to make this revision is on file with the Immediate Past President.

Administration of Funds

The review board for applications will consist of the Immediate Past President of UNOPA, who is the Chair, the current Career Development Director, and the current treasurer. A committee of two other UNOPA members will be selected by these individuals to assist on the review board. The review board will set criteria for selecting recipients. This review board will meet quarterly to:

  1. Review the UNOPA Fund, #CD 2484
  2. Review applications and select recipients
  3. Set a specific dollar amount for budget for each fiscal year
  4. Actively recruit monetary pledges for this fund from UNOPA member or non-members (e.g. administrators, faculty, students, etc.)

To allow maximum sharing in the benefits of this fund, stipends will not be granted to the same individual in two consecutive years. A yearly report of monetary expenditures will be furnished to the UNOPA Executive Board by the review board through the Immediate Past President. The priorities for use of these funds being:

  1. University-sponsored professional growth activities
  2. Professional growth activities in Lincoln
  3. Professional growth activities outside of Lincoln

The Immediate Past President will request, in writing, the check(s) from the University of Nebraska Foundation, to the attention of the current Director, specifying the name of the recipient and the dollar amount of each check to be issued.

UNOPA Fund #CD 2484

This fund is administered through the University of Nebraska Foundation. The primary intent for this fund is to provide Professional Development in the following areas:

  1. Workshops and seminars sponsored by UNOPA. Any profits earned by workshops or seminars will be deposited back into this specific fund unless otherwise directed by the Executive Board. Expenses will include:
    1. Travel expenses for out-of-town presenters (see current University rates)
    2. Consultant fees for presenters
    3. Publicity, room rental, other expenses
  2. Stipends for attendance at workshops and seminars other than those presented by UNOPA ($100 total):
    1. Registration fees
    2. Travel expenses
      1. Commercial transportation
      2. Mileage (using current University rates)
    3. Lodging expenses
  3. Stipends for expenses incurred for professional growth activity not reimbursed through other means ($100 total):
    1. Independent Studies or Extension classes
    2. Classes offered through other higher education facilities/groups
    3. Classes offered through the Continuing Studies division of UNL
    4. University classes taken by part-time employees who are not eligible for tuition remission
    5. Application fees for successfully obtaining the Professional Standards Program Certification (annual NAEOP membership fee is excluded)

Additional Information

  • Any UNOPA member who is a full or part-time UNL employee is eligible to apply
  • Obtain Reimbursement Form from one of the review board
  • Return the Reimbursement Form along with pertinent information regarding the professional growth activity to the Immediate Past President
  • All of the above must be submitted no later than 60 days after the final day on which expenses were incurred.
  • Stipends will be distributed only after successful completion of the professional growth activity. By successful completion, we mean: finishing the activity or a passing grade.