The purpose of UNOPA is to provide professional growth and promote high professional standards for educational office professionals within the University of Nebraska as partners upholding the quality of service to the University educational system and the community.

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Our Pledge

I hereby pledge myself to be true to the principles of the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association.

  • I will recruit new members
  • I will participate and become involved
  • I will encourage service, fellowship, information and recognition
  • I will remember that actions speak louder than words
  • I further promise to support my officers to the best of my ability


Make UNOPA stronger!

The work and activities of UNOPA would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our members. Consider contributing your time and talents by serving as a committee member, committee director, a UNOPA representative to UNOPA officer. We serve the university community in a number of ways, so get involved and stay involved and see yourself grow!

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  • Campus-wide committees

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