Meetings and Events

UNOPA Executive Board Meetings and UNOPA General Meetings will be announced in the fall of 2023-24 semester.

Note:  UNOPA is trying out a new General Meeting pattern for 2023-24. We will be meeting quarterly. The meetings will be in-person or you can join via Zoom. The meetings will be 75 minutes in length, starting at noon. We will be starting the meetings with our speakers and then conducting business at the end of our meetings. If you have not received a calendar invite with a Zoom link in it, please contact Christina Franklin, 2023-24 UNOPA President.

UNOPA Meetings and Events
Date Time Meeting/Event/Professional Development Location
02/06/2023 10- 11 AM
Board Meeting Zoom
03/07/2023 11- 12 PM
Board Meeting Zoom
03/14/2023 12 - 1:30 PM General Meeting Zoom
04/04/2023 2- 3 PM Board Meeting Zoom
06/13/2023 12- 1:30 PM General Meeting Zoom