UNOPA Representatives on campus-wide committees

There are many opportunities to represent UNOPA. We have representatives on these UNL committees. If you have questions, please contact Alycia Harden

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UNOPA & Campus Wide Committees
Committee Representative Description

Campus Grievance Committee

(3-year term)

  • at least 12 members, equally representing each employment category,
  • serve as needed on three-member grievance hearing committees,
  • Human Resources provides procedures,
  • Duties: conducting a grievance meeting, obtaining relevant facts, and making advisory recommendations to the Chancellor about the disposition of the grievance.
  • more at the UNL Grievance Panel website

Campus Recreation Advisory

(2-year term)

  • hear, judge, and decide actions for cases on all decisions appealed to it from the Director of Campus Recreation,
  • advise the Campus Recreation staff as to changes in the interpretation of rules and policies governing specific campus recreation programs,
  • assist in the fiscal year budget requests,
  • serve as a sounding board for programs and services, advise the Campus Recreation staff of needed additions/improvements

Chancellor's University Safety Committee

(2-year term)

Position Available

Advises the university administration on how to minimize safety and health hazards. More information at

Chancellor's Commission on Environmental Sustainability

(3-year term)

  • faculty, staff, and student committee,
  • develop and recommend environmentally responsible practices and policies to the Chancellor and other administration,
  • communicate the environmental and ecological implications of University policies and decisions,
  • develop and recommend programs designed to educate the UNL community about environmentally and ecologically responsible practices
Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women

Position Available

Reorganized in 2003; members are appointed by the Chancellor. For more information

Child Care Committee

(2-year term)

Lisa King

Emergency Employee Loan Fund Advisory

(3-year term, 3 reps/staggered terms)

Judy Anderson

The Employee Emergency Loan Fund (ELF), administered by the Employee Assistance Program, assists non-probationary, regular employees in financial crisis who have no other means of obtaining financial assistance.

  • the ELF Committee reviews pre-screened applications for approval or denial,
  • three members of the committee are involved in a conference call with an EAP staff member for each loan application. EAP staff provides the the committee members with information anonymously regarding the request. These committee members determine whether the loan should be approved or denied.
  • three-year term, can be re-appointed,
  • the committee meets annually to review ELF activities and procedures,
  • EAP staff provides an orientation each year for new committee members

Employee Benefits & U-Wide Employee Fringe Benefits

(2 committees, 3-year terms each)

Tricia Liedle
  • 10 members,
  • three-year terms, beginning with the academic year, and staggered with two members appointed annually,
  • studies all matters relating to: retirement plans, health and accident insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, other insurance of general employee interest, employee assistance programs, recreation programs, any benefits which might aid in increasing faculty and staff efficiency and morale, and which would aid in the recruitment and retention of superior faculty and staff.
  • make a continuing appraisal of the foregoing, including study of any changes in present programs which may be or should be proposed, and shall make recommendations from time-to-time concerning them to the Academic Senate.

Academic Senate

(1-year term)

Sarah Luther

The university participates in shared governance between the faculty and administration through the Academic Senate:

  • a representative body of members elected by the faculty,
  • deals with matters of interest to more than one college and acts as the official voice of the faculty of UNL,
  • advises and consults with student, staff, and administrative groups on a variety of topics

Human Rights Committee

(1-year term)

  • seven members,
  • one-year term, appointed annually, beginning with the academic year,
  • create an environment in which all persons in the UNL,
  • advises and consults with student, staff, and administrative groups on a variety of topics
James V. Griesen Exemplary Service to Students Award Jana Wood Acknowledges extraordinary and sustained performance by individuals serving UNL students. All UNL employees are eligible. Call the Vice Chancellor For Student Affairs Office at 472-3755 for information.

Parking Advisory Committee

(3-year term)

Jana Wood

This committee reviews parking policies and regulations and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance and to the Chancellor.

During a three-year term, members:

  • conduct an annual review of parking and traffic rules and regulations including parking permit fees and refunds,
  • review proposed changes in parking policies, regulations, and parking lot classifications,
  • review and recommend Capital Improvement Projects,
  • review the parking operation budget and monthly operating reports,
  • act in an advisory capacity to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance,
  • serve as a public forum -inform the University community on parking matters,
  • review appeal decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee

Parking Appeals

(3-year term)

Susan Wesely

Lainey Bomberger

  • receives and adjudicates faculty, staff, and visitor appeals,
  • Assure meeting attendance for timely appeal process; must be present to take action,
  • meets monthly
  • more information at

Campus Police Advisory Board

(2-year term)

Jana Wood

Wellness Committee

(Campus Rec membership required; 2-year term)

Alycia Harden
  • assist in establishing and maintaining a healthy and well campus environment,
  • review current wellness programming at UNL and develop plans to improve coordination and promotion of those efforts,
  • review Faculty and Staff Health Risk Assessment (HRA) results and recommend appropriate wellness programming to address the needs of all employees outlined in the survey,
  • develop a proposal for the implementation of a full-fledged wellness program for the UNL community,
  • develop a strategic plan for future wellness programming (3-5-year plan)