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Welcome! We hope you find exciting opportunities and events here. We invite all office support staff at UNL to attend one of our meetings and get enthused about this special organization.

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Barbara Homer

Wait. What do you mean "Soaring to new Heights"?

Welcome to the New Year!

For my term as UNOPA President, I have chosen the theme, UNOPA – “Soaring to New Heights!” My hope is that members will “soar” to their potential by becoming more involved in UNOPA and participate in workshops, meetings, events, and serve on committees. I am looking forward to new beginnings! It is going to be an exciting year from our career development to networking at the general meetings.

“Soaring to new heights” reminds me of the “Lessons from the Geese Story” written by Dr. Robert McNeish, and we can learn from the geese as to how to succeed at work. A good team works best when everyone has the opportunity to serve as a leader as well as a follower, and the most important part of the change is to be respectful and supportive of each other. When we share a common goal, the group benefits. When we work as a team, we will be headed where UNOPA wants to go.

We also need to recognize great work. Like geese, they honk to encourage those up front. We need to make sure we praise each other and give recognition for a job well done. When we remember to provide recognition and encouragement, it keeps teams motivated to achieve their goals.

Finally, we need to stay committed to our core values and purpose. Our strategies may change, but our purpose remains the same. I do care where our organization is going now and into the future, and it is a pleasure to be associated with UNOPA. I look forward to serving as your 2017-18 president.

Barbara Homer, UNOPA President

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