University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association

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Our Mission

Education is the birthright of every person.

We as members of the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association pledge ourselves to safeguard that right. We acknowledge the unique role of educational office professionals and the importance of their contributions to the university and the community.

The purpose of UNOPA is to provide professional growth and promote high professional standards for educational office professionals with the University of Nebraska, as partners upholding the quality of service to the university educational system and the community.

We invite all office support staff at UNL to attend one of our meetings and get enthused about this special organization. We hope you find exciting opportunities and events within UNOPA.

Make a difference

Let's Make a Difference

Consider signing up HERE to volunteer for the only game in town--UNOPA Game Day Parking Lot Fundraiser! 

Volunteer Opportunities

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Next Events / Reminders

March 2:  UNOPA Executive Board Meeting

March 9:  General Meeting

March 11:  Professional Development Committee Workshop, "Collaborating with Teams and SharePoint

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Photo of Alycia Harden

Alycia Harden, UNOPA Recording Secretary, Leading UNOPA Board and General Meetings

UNOPA would like to thank Alycia Harden for leading UNOPA for 2021. Alycia is Recording Secretary and is leading our Board and General meetings.