Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award


The University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA) established the Silver Pen Award in the 1987-88 academic year to honor two University of Nebraska-Lincoln office support employees who have demonstrated superior performance while employed at UNL and who have made significant contributions to the University community. Since this award was established in the year of UNOPA's Silver Anniversary and the Pen is an instrument common to all UNL personnel, the award was appropriately named the Silver Pen Award. An endowment by the Floyd S. Oldt Trust began during the 1991-1992 academic year and this award was renamed the Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award. Any University of Nebraska employee may nominate another eligible employee.

Eligibility: Office/service employees engaged in secretarial, clerical or business work at UNL.

Note: UNL is defined to include the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska District Research and Extension Centers or Central Administration, UNO or UNMC if their primary work location is on the UNL campus. (Members of the Awards Committee, including the director, and UNOPA elected officers are ineligible. Individuals who have previously received this award are also ineligible. An individual cannot be nominated for both the Floyd S. Oldt Outstanding Staff Award and the Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award within the same membership year.) In the event of a tie of total points given by the judges, the monetary award will be split among the winners.

Award: Monetary cash award of $600, an engraved A. T. Cross Silver Pen, a framed certificate, and a one-year UNOPA membership. All Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award Nominees will receive a printed certificate to commemorate their nomination and will be recognized at the Award Luncheon being held on November 13, 2012. The winner will not be notified in advance.

Guidelines & Instructions to submit nomination: Please return -

  • A cover page with the following information: Nominee's name, title, department, address and date of hire; Nominator's name, campus address & zip, campus phone number, e-mail address.
  • One or two typed pages - nomination according to the criteria listed below and in blind format. In addition
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation in support of this nomination are required. Support letters must be in "blind format". Nominations without three support letters will not be considered.

What is "blind format"? To help assure impartiality, nominee's name, title and department are noted only on the front cover page. (Judges do not receive the cover page.) For all other pages (one or two pages addressing criteria plus support letters), do not use the nominee's name, department or reference to gender. To reference nominee, it is suggested to use: this person, this nominee, this individual, our nominee, etc. Note: Any reference to nominee's name or gender will be blackened by the Award Committee before the package goes to the judges. This makes it very difficult for the judge to read and may be a detriment to the nomination.

Other tips for writing a nomination:

  • The judges will be using the "criteria for evaluation" to assess each nomination. Be sure to address each of the criteria!
  • Cite specific examples - use descriptive adjectives ("this person is a terrific team player") and then give a situation or example that shows the attribute.
  • Proofread! Check for spelling errors!
  • The judges are relying on your words and examples to "see" your nominee's contributions. Speak from your heart!
  • Be timely in getting your nomination packet to the awards chairperson.
Criteria for Evaluating Nominations Points (Total 100)
1 Explain how the nominee has performed beyond expectations within their position(s) during employment at UNL. (40)
2 What significant contributions has the nominee made to the University as a whole? (25)
3 In what activities (past or present) does the nominee participate for the purpose of self-development and/or professional growth? (15)
4 Provide evidence of the nominee's character, personal attributes, and caring attitude as an employee of the University. (10)
5 Three letters of reference and other relevant information to support this nomination. (10)

Judges: There will be six (6) judges, all from UNL: an administrator, one faculty member, a director, a manager or supervisor, one office employee, and one service employee.



Patricia Liedle
2021 Transformation Dr., Suite 3220 (6204)

For Additional Questions: Contact: Tricia Liedle    pliedle@nebraska.edu

AWARD PRESENTATION: November 11, 2014

Past Recipients