Floyd S. Oldt Boss of the Year Award Past Recipients

This award recognizes University of Nebraska employees who demonstrate outstanding skills in employee supervision and interpersonal relations.

Award Recipients
Year Recipients
2023-24 Dr. Mark Balschweid, Director & Department Chair, Agricultural Leadership Education & Communication
2021-22 John Erixson
2019-20 Tony Rathgeber
2018-19 Dr. Dawn Braithwaite, Department Chair & Willa Cather Professor, Interpersonal & Family Communication
2017-18 Catia Guerrero, Administrative Associate, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies
2016-17 Dr. Wendy Smith, Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education
2015-16 Dr. Richard Bischoff, Chairperson Child, Youth & Family Studies
2014-15 Dr. Steve Waller, Dean, College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources
2013-14 Katie Kerr, Director, Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center
2012-13 Timothy Alvarez, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
2011-12 Candice Batton, Director, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
2010-11 Dr. Julie Johnson, Chairperson, Child, Youth and Family Studies
2009-10 Karen Bell-Dancy, Director, Undergraduate & Graduate Distance Programs, Extended Education & Outreach
2008-09 Beverly Russell, Assistant Director of Instructional Design & Development at Extended Education & Outreach
2007-08 Dr. Majorie Kostelnik, Dean, College of Education and Human Sciences
2006-07 Dr. Richard Hoffmann, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
2005-06 Dr. Prem S. Paul, Office of Research and Graduate Studies Dean
2004-05 Dr. David Hansen, Chairperson, Psychology
2003-04 Dr. William Seiler, Chairperson, Communications Studies
2002-03 Mr. James Cotter, Teachers College
2001-02 Ms. Viann Schroeder, Publications and Photography
2000-01 Mr. Kenneth Holm, Printing and Copy Services
1999-00 Dr. Larry Dlugosh, Educational Administration
1998-99 Dr. Blaine Blad, Natural Resource Sciences
1997-98 Mr. Bruce Currin, Human Resources
1996-97 Dr. Birdie Holder, Curriculum and Instruction
1995-96 Mr. Richard Schenaman, Mail and Distribution Services
1994-95 Dr. John Yohe, INTSORMIL
1993-94 Dr. Douglas Zatechka, Housing
1992-93 Dr. Elizabeth Grobsmith, Academic Affairs
1991-92 Dr. John Campbell, West Central Research and Extension Center
1990-91 Dr. William Splinter, Research* / Dr. Joekel, Educational Administration*
1989-90 Mr. William Cords, Cooperative Extension Services
1988-89 Mr. Duane Burham, Physical Plant
1987-1988 Dr. Delivee Wright, Teaching and Learning Center
1986-87 Dr. Lyle Young, College of Engineering and Technology
1985-86 Ms. Emily Trickey, College of Journalism
1984-85 Dr. John Lagerstrom, Engineering Extension Services
1983-84 Dr. Robert Shearman, Agronomy
1982-83 Mr. Jim Ross, Bob Devaney Sports Center

* Dr. Ron Joekel received the award in March 1990. The presentation of the award was moved from March to November. Dr. William Splinter received the award in November 1990.