We present several awards each year to outstanding employees. The Awards Committee solicits nominations, enlists judges from the University and the community, and presents the awards during the Bosses' Luncheon in November, and the Past Presidents and Retirees Recognition Program in April.

Rose Frolik Award

This annual award was established in 1988 to recognize a member who demonstrates the attributes of UNOPA's foundMari Greerer and first president, Rose Frolik. Rose was an enthusiastic, energetic person who challenged life and felt that how you do your work may be a lot more important than what you do.

UNOPA members who have been active for at least the past five years are eligible for nomination by anyone, including self. Recipients of this very special honor are presented with a personalized plaque commemorating their recognition, a year's membership to UNOPA, and a $600 cash award.

2016-2017 Recipient: Susan Thomas

Floyd S. Oldt Outstanding Staff Award

Kathy Schindler

Created to recognize an outstanding  office/service employee at the university who demonstrates distinguished service and contributions to the University community, this award is made possible by an endowment left to the University Foundation by Floyd S. Oldt in 1991.

Any university employee may nominate another eligible employee. Recipients receive a personalized plaque, a year's membership to UNOPA, and a cash award of $1,000.

2016-2017 Recipient: no award made

Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award

Gretchen Mills

UNOPA established this award in 1987 to honor university office/service employeesyees who demonstrate superior performance on the job and make significant contributions to the university community. Since this award was established in the year of UNOPA's Silver Anniversary and the Pen is an instrument common to all UNL personnel, it was named the"Silver Pen Award."

Any university employee may nominate another eligible employee. Recipients are presented with a silver pen, a year's membership to UNOPA, and $600.

2016-2017 Recipient: Gretchen Mills

Floyd S. Oldt Boss of the Year Award

Dr. Wendy Smith

In 1982, UNOPA established an annual award for excellence in personnel management. It recognizes University of Nebraska employees who demonstrate outstanding skills in employee supervision and interpersonal relations.

Any full-time employee of UNL, District Research and Extension Center, UNO, or UNMC whose primary work location is on the Lincoln campus, and who has management, administrative, or supervisory responsibilities, is eligible for nomination. Presented in November, this award includes a plaque, a year's Associate Membership to UNOPA, and $500.

2016-2017 Recipient: Dr. Wendy Smith