Find the 'MAGIC' Within Ourselves

Welcome! We hope you find exciting opportunities and events here. We invite all office support staff at UNL to attend one of our meetings and get enthused about this special organization.

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Sept 5: UNOPA Board Meeting

Sept 12: UNOPA General Membership Meeting -  Register here

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Wait. What do you mean "Find the 'MAGIC' Within Ourselves"?

As President of UNOPA, I hope to challenge each of you to find the "MAGIC" within yourself to bring to UNOPA.  That might be something as simple as sharing news of one of our members for the corresponding secretary to reach out to on behalf of UNOPA; recruiting a new member; volunteering to fill a vacancy on the UNOPA board; serving as a committee member to help our committee directors be successful; attending the monthly general meetings; making a new acquaintance at each meeting you attend; or something as big as stepping up to the plate to run for an elected office next year.

It is my hope that we can all “Find the 'MAGIC' Within Ourselves” to continue growing UNOPA.

More on this here.

Roddy Spangler

Tricia Liedle


Come as you are... with these.
Did you know we collect Box Tops? Save yours and turn them in at our monthly General Membership Meetings. These items can also be mailed to Marcy Tintera at her campus address: 14 Law, EC 0904.