Description of Committees

There are many opportunities to serve UNOPA. Following is a brief description of the committees. If you have further questions, please contact the current board member who is the director of this committee for the current year. Thanks for your interest!

Standing Committees Director(s) The Director of each standing committee is appointed by the Elected officials of UNOPA and serves as a member of the UNOPA Executive Board. Committee members are selected by the Director of the Committee.
Awards Tricia Liedle Orchestrate all aspects of the four major awards given each year by UNOPA. Also, may be involved with special awards and with submission of awards to the state and/or national associations of which UNOPA is affiliated.
Bylaws Cheryl Wemhoff Review the Bylaws and Standing Rules each year and present their recommendations to the Executive Board.
Career Development  Karen Jackson Responsible for organizing and implementing at least one free Association sponsored workshop per year for the purpose of professional development and work with membership to help them achieve their personal PSP goals.
Communication Technology Diane Wasser Updates and maintains UNOPA's web page. It would be helpful to have working knowledge of html, pdf and ftp. Commitment is for two years.
Membership Receive membership applications, send out membership packets and membership cards, and keep an accurate membership list. Includes sending out reminder letters for non-renewed members and sharing information about UNOPA with new University hires.
Nominating Assure the future of our organization by establishing and submitting a complete slate of officers for the upcoming year and governing the election process.

The Outreach Committee shall be responsible for developing a mentoring program for UNOPA.  This may include, but is not limited to, workshops, individual mentoring partnerships, web page information or online information. The Committee shall also be responsible for organizing and coordinating the annual summer social.

UNOPA Notes Lindsay Augustyn Collect information for, setup, edit, and distribute monthly newsletter.
Ways & Means Diane Carson Coordinates the workers for the Fall/winter parking lot work. This is UNOPA's only fund raiser right now, so it is important that it is fully staffed for each home game.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees Director(s) An Ad Hoc Committee director attends UNOPA Board meetings but does not vote at meetings.
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