Floyd S. Oldt Boss of the Year Award


The University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA) established an annual award to recognize University of Nebraska employees who demonstrate excellence in personnel management with their outstanding skills in employee supervision and interpersonal relations. Since 1991, this award has been funded through a generous endowment from the Floyd S. Oldt Trust.

Any full-time employee with management, administrative and/or supervisory responsibilities is eligible for nomination. An individual is eligible to be the recipient of this award only once. Nominations will be accepted for University of Nebraska-Lincoln employees, University of Nebraska District Research and Extension Center employees, and employees of UNO and UNMC whose primary work location is on the Lincoln campus.

The recipient of the award will receive a monetary cash award of $500, a plaque, and a one-year UNOPA Associate membership. All Floyd S. Oldt Boss of the Year Award Nominees will receive a printed certificate to commemorate their nomination and will be recognized at the presentation luncheon on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Floyd S. Oldt Boss of the Year Nomination Guidelines:

  1. One or two typed pages - nomination according to the criteria listed below and in blind format. In addition
  2. Three (3) letters of recommendation in support of this nomination are required. Support letters must be in "blind format". Only nominations with three support letters will be considered.
  3. To be considered, nominees must meet ALL eligibility requirements. Judging will be based on a point system for each criteria section.
  4. Please return this nomination, cover page, and your letters of recommendation no later than October 21, 2016.

What is "blind format"? To help assure impartiality, nominee's name, title and department are noted only on the front cover page. (Judges do not receive the cover page.) For all other pages (one or two pages addressing criteria plus support letters), do not use the nominee's name, department or reference to gender. To reference nominee, it is suggested to use: this person, this nominee, this individual, our nominee, etc. Note: Any reference to nominee's name or gender will be blackened by the Award Committee before the package goes to the judges. This makes it very difficult for the judge to read and may be a detriment to the nomination.

Cover Page

  • Nominee's Full Name
  • Department
  • Campus Address and E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Nominated By
  • Nominator's Department
  • Campus Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number

Nomination Criteria

On separate paper please give your replies to the following questions or statements:

General Information

Please include the Nominee's total number of years of service to the University, the total number of people the Nominee currently supervises, and the number of years the Nominee has served in their present capacity.

Supervisory Skills: (0 - 40 points)

  1. Explain how Nominee uses organizational skills on the job.
  2. Leadership is a valuable quality. In what ways does Nominee show leadership abilities?
  3. Is Nominee involved in professional organizations or community work? If so, please name specific groups.
  4. Describe Nominee's ability to motivate self and others, such as self-motivation, employee motivation, and/or departmental motivation.

Interpersonal Skills: (0 - 40 points)

  1. How is Nominee open to employee suggestions and/or complaints pertaining to overall operations?
  2. Does Nominee encourage employees to accept increasing responsibilities on the job? How?
  3. Does Nominee present a professional image? Give examples.
  4. Explain how Nominee exercises fairness in dealings with all employees?

Employee Personal and Professional Developments: (0 - 20 points)

  1. What is Nominee's attitude towards employee involvement in professional organizations? Does Nominee encourage such participation?
  2. How does Nominee encourage employees to attend seminars and/or to continue their education?

Other comments which may support the above qualities: (0-10 points)

  1. Include three (3) letters of recommendation.

Additional tips for writing a nomination:

  • The judges will be using the "criteria for evaluation" to assess each nomination. Be sure to address each of the criteria!
  • Cite specific examples - use descriptive adjectives ("this person is a terrific team player") and then give a situation or example that shows the attribute.
  • Proofread! Check for spelling errors!
  • The judges are relying on your words and examples to "see" your nominee's contributions. Speak from your heart!
  • Be timely in getting your nomination packet to the awards chairperson.

Nomination Deadline:  Friday, October 21, 2016

Return nomination, cover page, and letters of recommendation to:

Alicia Arnold
1700 Y Street, City Campus, 0694

Past Recipients