Bradley Munn Professional Growth Fund

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Would you like to receive up to $100 help for your professional growth?

The Bradley Munn Professional Growth Fund was established to benefit the professional growth of our UNOPA members and the university as a whole. The Bradley Munn Fund Committee has the responsibility for the administration of UNOPA Fund # CD2484. The Fund will reimburse UNOPA members for up to $100 for:

  • Classes
  • Textbooks
  • Workshops
  • Professional conference expenses (including travel expenses)
  • PSP application fee, or a similar type of educational expense.

Who is eligible?

Any part-time or full-time employee, who is a UNOPA member, is welcome to apply! (Members cannot receive a stipend for two years in a row.)

How do I apply?

Complete the application vie Docusign at the link provided below, and attach receipts for up to $100 expenses.

UNOPA Application for Reimbursement

  • In addition to receipts, attach proof of completion.
  • If applying for reimbursement of expenses for a class, seminar, or conference, attach proof that you passed the class (for example, a copy of your grade report) or proof that you attended the conference/seminar (for example, a copy of your attendance certificate).
  • If applying for reimbursement of a PSP application fee, attach a copy of your Professional Activity Record with signatures, or some other proof that you applied (for example, a copy of your PSP certificate).
  • For questions contact: Christina Franklin at Christina Franklin